Margo Reader - learn to read for free! In 2004 my father and I began working on a free educational Flash app called the Margo Reader - The idea is to present any person of any age with a free tool that can teach them how to read at their own pace. We have received some incredible responses from parents whose children have gravitated towards using the Margo Reader for both educational and entertainment purposes. We believe that art, animation, and music, when fused with a learning tool creates an incredible educational environment. We hope the Margo Reader enchants, delights, and educates all at the same time. We are currently seeking investors to create a version of this app that teaches Spanish and can be used on mobile devices.

Computer Healer - technology training. What began as a repair and design service has now turned into a technology training company. Damien Margo teaches individuals and businesses how to empower themselves to take responsibility and control over their own technology.