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Damien's Top Ten Video Games Of All Time - draft

1. pac man - went nuts over it as a kid, i run the original rom via an emulator

2. portal 2 - rose to the top by being so emotion provoking

3. stunt car racer - classic simple amiga action experience i still play via emulator

4. roller coaster tycoon 2 - most accessible and fun simulator

5. skyrim - best adventure game of all time

6. simcity - original simulator had a huge impact on my brain

7. dragon's lair - went nuts over it as a kid, i still run it today with an emulator

8. diablo - a 'killer app' that i build my first PC around, what an experience!

9. gran turismo 4 - a world class driving simulator i love
10. frontier: elite ii - david braben's open ended space trading sandbox